Обзор наушников hifiman es100

Features & Specs

The EarStudio ES100 is a Bluetooth DAC and as such it supports a lot of different codecs: on top of the standard SBC, which is mandatory with Bluetooth audio devices, the ES100 supports AAC, aptX, aptX HD and LDAC. For a long time the ES100 was the go-to choice for those wishing to use a Bluetooth DAC that supported LDAC and thus achieve the best possible quality. Other products now offer the same codec compatibility, but the ES100 remains a great choice!

The ES100 can work as a Bluetooth DAC, but also as a USB DAC. There is a limitation imposed by the chipset in the latter case: it can only support audio at 16 bit / 48 kHz when using USB. There is a setting that only works with macOS (for some technical reason I am not aware of) that enables 24 bit / 48 kHz audio; I tested it on the other operating systems and it does not work (as Radsone says).

I find it pretty useful that Radsone included a microphone on the EarStudio ES100: you can use it to take calls even if the earphones you are using do not have a microphone. Plus, you can still use it if you are using the ES100 as a USB DAC if you keep it connected to your phone using Bluetooth, which makes it even more useful. You don’t even have to take your headphones off!

Radsone officially supports only Windows and macOS operating systems with the EarStudio ES100. On the mobile side, support is there for both Android and iOS. Linux is not officially supported, but the device does work with the open-source OS.

I could not make the ES100 work reliably with Linux, so I asked the people at Radsone for some help and they told me to modify the default bit depth and sample rate in PulseAudio, setting them to 16 bit / 48 kHz. That gave me the inspiration to look in the settings of the mobile application, where I found there is a 16 bit / 48 kHz mode you can use in place of the 16 bit / 44.1-48 kHz mode. Using the 48 kHz mode actually fixed all the issues I was experiencing and the unit started working flawlessly. So although the EarStudio ES100 is not officially supported by Radsone under Linux, this little bit makes it perfectly functional.


Now, this is where the Earstudio ES100 really shines. Pairing it with a source is super easy and you can actually pair it with 2 sources simultaneously and easily switch between them. An audio prompt lets you know when the device is powered on or off or successfully paired with a source.

There are a number of high-quality Bluetooth codecs to choose from including aptX, aptX HD, AAC and LDAC. Your preferred codec can be chosen within the Earstudio app.

Speaking of the app, this is another aspect aside from the balanced headphone output where the ES100 sets itself apart from the competition. There are heaps of settings available that you can tweak to your heart’s desire, great for all the control freaks out there.

Don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy or familiar with audiophile lingo. The Earstudio ES100 works perfectly on its own, you don’t even need to install the app if you don’t want to (though I would highly recommend it).

Each setting has very helpful and detailed information explaining exactly what everything does. And there’s no need to worry about messing things up either. You can simply do a factory reset via the app menu.

Things like the 4 digital filter settings of the AK4375a DAC, the level of cross-feed and Radsone’s proprietary Distinctive Clear Technology (DCT) will get any audio nerds neurons firing and all can be manipulated within the Earstudio app.


One of the most popular features of the ES100 is the equalizer. There are 12 presets and 4 custom settings available for the 10 band equalizer. Personally, I never use EQ with any of my gear but I know it’s a mainstay for a lot of people and the Earstudio makes using EQ very simple. There are even plans for a parametric EQ to be added in a future update.

Hands-Free and Ambient Sound

The Earstudio ES100 has a hands-free function allowing you to make phone calls even in your headphones don’t have a microphone. The unit’s built-in microphone can also be used for a nifty feature called Ambient Sound that allows surrounding noise to pass through into your headphones.

This is really useful because if someone is talking to you or there is a public announcement you don’t need to remove your headphones to hear what’s going on around you. You can even set the level of ambient sound you want to mix in and map the function to one of the physical buttons for quick access.


The Earstudio ES100 can be used as an external DAC. It works with Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems. It’s worth noting that the sample rate is restricted to  16-bit 48000 Hz in Windows OS. However, MACos supports 24-bit but I ain’t mad about that! It still sounds great from my Windows PC and is certainly a step up from the onboard audio.

Bluetooth and Battery Life

Bluetooth connectivity is very stable and I’ve never had a problem with cutouts or dropped signal. The maximum range may vary depending on which Bluetooth codec you’re using and to a certain extent will depend on your source’s signal strength.

The ES100 has a rated battery life of 14 hours which is better than what most Bluetooth earphones and a lot of the current DAPs offer. Considering its size, weight and power output this is really impressive.

Design & Build

The EarStudio ES100 does not appear to innovate too much in terms of design: it has a rectangular box design with a clip on the back. All of the body is made of plastic, save for the clip which is metal. The top part is made of black plastic and has a status LED circle glowing through it; the bottom is made of the same plastic, while the sides are made of silver plastic. The sides are where all the buttons and connectors are: there are both a 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm output, together with a volume rocker, a play/pause button (which also acts as the power button), a next/previous rocker, a microphone and a micro-USB connector (sadly no Type-C). It’s all really clean and logical and the lack of any sharp edge means the device will not cut into your pockets.

The plastic used by Radsone is high quality; it feels solid and well-assembled. It doesn’t have the premium feeling of metal, but it offers significantly less weight – which is a pro for a device made for mobility. The buttons feel solid and well implemented.

Не упустите Эксперты Focal также рекомендуют

E 25 KX

Очень высокая мощность !

10 » сабвуферный динамик

E 25 KX — очень компактный 10-дюймовый (25 см) сабвуфер. Он сочетает очень высокую мощность и исключительную надежность. Возможность использования в корпусах ЗЯ или ФИ – делает эту модель универсальной для установщика.

Желтый диффузор Kevlar , легкий, жесткий и отлично задемпфированный, обеспечивает чрезвычайно динамичный бас и впечатляющее давление.

Сабвуферы серии способны работать в очень компактных корпусах, обеспечивая при этом серьезное звуковое давление и впечатляющую энергетику.

Вентилируемый магнитный зазор поддерживает температуру звуковой катушки на стабильно низком уровне, что улучшает надежность и увеличивает подводимую мощность.

ES 165 KX3

2 НЧ динамика 6,5« + 2 СЧ динамика 3«

3-х полосная акустика ES 165 KX3

ES 165 KX3 обеспечивает необычайно широкий частотный диапазон (45 Гц — 22 кГц). Главными преимуществами являются высокая мощность и очень реалистичная звуковая сцена. Композитный диффузор K2 Kevlar, непревзойденный по сей день, сочетает три ключевых свойства идеального диффузора: легкость, жесткость и задемпфированность. Эта уникальная, произведенная во Франции структура, в сочетании с технологией подвеса TMD (инерционный демпфер), гасит нежелательные резонансы и обеспечивает чистое и нейтральное воспроизведение среднечастотного диапазона с очень низкими искажениями.Главная особенность этой чистокровной серии – кевларовый ВЧ динамик с М-образным вогнутым куполом. Такая форма твитера эффективно подавляет акустические резонансы и снижает резонансную частоту динамика

ES 165 KX3 поставляется с защитными сетками.

EC 165 K

2-х полосный коаксиальный комплект акустики

6«(165мм) коаксиальная акустика ЕС165K. Композитный диффузор K2 Kevlar, непревзойденный по сей день, сочетает три ключевых свойства идеального диффузора: легкость, жесткость и задемпфированность. Эта уникальная, произведенная во Франции структура, в сочетании с технологией подвеса TMD (инерционный демпфер), гасит нежелательные резонансы и обеспечивает чистое и нейтральное воспроизведение среднечастотного диапазона с очень низкими искажениями.Главная особенность этой чистокровной серии – кевларовый ВЧ динамик с М-образным вогнутым куполом. Такая форма твитера эффективно подавляет акустические резонансы и снижает резонансную частоту динамика Комплект снабжен алюминиевыми решетками и сетками.

ES 130 K

Идеальный набор

2-х полосная акустика ES 130 K

Комплект ES 130 K предлагает отличную линейность, глубокий бас и впечатляющий SPL 90,8 дБ ( 2,83 В / 1 м) в чрезвычайно компактном размере.

Этот набор состоит из:

Два 5-дюймовых (130 мм) динамика с желтыми диффузорами Kevlar. Композитный диффузор K2, непревзойденный по сей день, сочетает три ключевых свойства идеального диффузора: легкость, жесткость и задемпфированность. Эта уникальная, произведенная во Франции структура, в сочетании с технологией подвеса TMD (инерционный демпфер), гасит нежелательные резонансы и обеспечивает чистое и нейтральное воспроизведение среднечастотного диапазона с очень низкими искажениями.

Главная особенность этой акустки – кевларовый ВЧ динамик TKM с М-образным вогнутым куполом. Такая форма твитера эффективно подавляет акустические резонансы и снижает резонансную частоту динамика. Компактные кроссоверы быстро устанавливаются и легко настраиваются.

Комплект поставляется с решетками из алюминия и сетки.

ES 165 KX2

Богатый и эффектный звук

2-х полосная акустика ES 165 KX2

Комплект ES 165 KX2 состоит из двух НЧ динамиков 6½ «(165 мм) с фазовыравнивающим телом и композитным диффузором Kevlar. Он обеспечивает чрезвычайно насыщенный и мощный звук.

Два «М»-образных твитера TKMX с технологией обратного купола обеспечивают идеальную передачу высоких частот с отличной локализацией.

Этот комплект является эталонным продуктом серии K2 Power. Он завоевал сердца экспертов, когда был официально показан на выставке CES в Лас-Вегасе, и получил награду CES Innovation 2016.

Комплект комплектуется решетками из алюминия и сетки.

4″ two-way component kit

The ES 100 K is an ultra-compact solution with an impressive SPL of 90dB (2.83 V/1 m) for such a small design.

It is composed of two 4″ (100mm) speaker drivers with Kevlar cones. The famous yellow cones of the K2 Power line are light, rigid and have excellent damping to provide dynamic sound with incredible definition. The centre of the cone is equipped with a phase plug for improved sound dispersion around the vehicle.

The high frequencies are faithfully reproduced by two 025/32″ (20mm) TKM tweeters. Composed of aramid fibres, these inverted dome tweeters have an exclusive ‘M’-shaped profile to control deformation and to reduce distortion. The new-generation tweeters feature very compact crossovers which are easy to install. Various accessories are supplied for assembling the tweeters, which can be installed in the factory locations, on tilting frames or flush-mounted.

The size of each component of this kit has been optimised to offer a very compact solution which can be adapted for all kinds of set-ups in all kinds of vehicles.


The Earstudio ES100 is an incredibly versatile and appealing gadget. Things like the balanced headphone output and the vast amount of settings customization are just what many audio enthusiasts have been waiting for in a Bluetooth device.

And it hasn’t even reached its full potential yet. Radsone really listens to their customers and continue to provide updates for firmware and the app software, so there is even more functionality and features to come in the future.

This has become one of my absolute favourite gadgets and if you’re looking for a Bluetooth solution then the Earstudio ES100 is at the top of its class.

Price Change Announcement

  Hello fellow audiophiles! We’ve opened up our very own online store recently and are now able to offer more reasonable price to you. The price changes are as follows: HUD100 : New Price: $139.99 (Original Price: $169) HE100 : New Price: $59.99 (Original Price: $89) *The price is based on Earstudio’s official store. It can be varied from other online marketplaces. We, Radsone started our business in 2011 with a vision to make everyone enjoy high-quality sound with ease. We are happy that we can offer our products with more affordable price. We will keep you posted with various promotions and updates, so please stay tuned! Team Radsone — “HUD100 is absurdly small for the feature set, offers flexible power outputs, measures very…

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Performance Expand the limits

Precision and dynamics

The speaker drivers used for the K2Power have been completely redesigned. Each component is the result of extensive research in acoustics to push back the limits of performance, of power and of precision! The K2Power Kevlar cone, a product of unique expertise Made In Focal, is to this day second to none. Composed of an ultra-light foam structure sandwiched between a thin layer of Kevlar aramid fibres, and a layer of glass fibres, the K2Power cone combines three key factors of quality acoustics:

  • Rigidity
  • Lightness
  • Damping, for precise and dynamic sound.

Say goodbye to distortion

The new K2 Power TKM tweeter features an exclusive “M”-shaped structure. This new-generation aramid-fibre inverted dome tweeter provides great precision in the very high end, and its combination with a “push-pull” motor with IAL2 technology extends the low end of the frequency response and provides extraordinary harmonic balance

For a smooth high end

The new K2 Power TKM tweeter features an exclusive “M”-shaped structure. This new-generation aramid-fibre inverted dome tweeter provides great precision in the very high end, and its combination with a “push-pull” motor with IAL2 technology extends the low end of the frequency response and provides extraordinary harmonic balance.

“Radial VC” cooling
For higher SPL

The new Radial VC cooling system for speaker driver voice coils expels hot air from the voice coil towards the bottom of the magnet through 6 holes. This improves control over the voice coil temperature, limiting the effects of thermal compression and improving reliability. This significantly increases the efficiency of the speaker driver. It also improves dynamics and produces a more powerful sound

Progressive spider profile
Improved linearity and precision

The progressive spider profile of K2 Power speaker drivers is designed to provide a full-bodied sound at low levels and to increase linearity, precision and dynamic range

For improved reliability
An optimised crossover

The components used for the new K2 Power crossovers were selected specifically and optimised in order to improve control over the effects of heat dissipation. These components, which are fundamental to managing the various channels and for the soundstage, are now even more reliable.

Final Thoughts

The Radsone EarStudio ES100 is small, yet this does not stop it from having every possible feature one would want. What it does not offer through the buttons, it does offer through the companion app. Not only does the ES100 perform excellently under all metrics, but it becomes even more versatile and useful when setting it up with the app. There’s a trove of settings that makes it possible to customise the user experience to one’s liking and needs, so that the ES100 is able to do practically anything one wants it to. Its possibilities are almost endless and that’s also thanks to the availability of high-quality codecs, Bluetooth 5.0 connection, high-power output and small size.

So, should you buy the EarStudio ES100? Of course you should! At the sub-$100 price it’s sold at, it’s an outright steal. Plus, you would be supporting a company who is very open about the technical details and provides so much information about their products and the design process – which in my opinion is a super-positive fact.


Для прослушивания использовалось следующее оборудование.

  • NuPrime DAC-10H и Resonessence Labs Concero HP в роли ЦАП и усилителя
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2013 в роли источника
  • Fidelia в роли плеера
  • Lotoo PAW Gold, Fiio X7 и Luxury&Precission L5Pro в роли портативных плееров
  • Записи высокого разрешения в Lossless-форматах (Dr. Chesky The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc и другие)

Перед прослушиванием наушники были прогреты на протяжении 48 часов, изменения в звуке незначительны.

Традиционно для моделей подобного форм-фактора отзывы о звуке могут очень сильно различаться из-за особенностей посадки и размеров ушей слушателя, поэтому учтите, что ваше впечатление от звука может достаточно сильно отличаться.

Одним из не сразу очевидных преимуществ наушников подобного форм-фактора является возможность установки больших излучателей, и HiFiMan тут воспользовались ею на полную. 15-мм драйвер, применённый в этой модели, способен прокачивать неплохие объёмы воздуха, что даёт себя знать, особенно в области НЧ. В стоковом виде наушники имеют чуть светловатую подачу с акцентом на верхних СЧ.

Средние частоты воспроизводятся чуть отстранённо, но чисто и без лишнего выпячивания. Эмоции передаются на умеренном уровне, но любителям подкрашенных СЧ наушники не подойдут. Характер инструментов и их размеры передаются практически достоверно. Есть заметный акцент на стыке СЧ и ВЧ, что приводит к некоторому акцентированию высокого вокала, но это тоже можно поправить (об этом так же ниже). Воображаемая сцена весьма широкая (характерно для форм-фактора), глубина средняя.

ВЧ простоваты, им не хватает проработки послезвучий и затуханий, но это также характерно для наушников данного ценового сегмента

Если принять во внимание цену, ВЧ нормальные — они не смазаны, не задвинуты глубоко на второй план, лёгкие и почти не рассыпаются

не забыть докупить эти самые поролонки

Build Quality and Design

The Earstudio ES100 is a tiny little thing, smaller in size than an average matchbox. The chassis is constructed from a lightweight plastic. It doesn’t feel especially premium but it doesn’t feel cheap either

The front of the device has a matte finish and below its surface lies a single circular LED which flashes in different colours indicating various states of operation.

On the left side of the device is the 3.5mm single ended headphone jack, volume plus and minus buttons and the built-in microphone. The right side has the 2.5mm balanced headphone jack, a multi-function button and the forward and back buttons.

On the bottom is the Micro-USB port which is used for charging the battery or plugging into another device to use in DAC mode. On the top is a small  through-hole for the supplied lanyard.

The ES100’s handy metal clip

There’s a handy spring-loaded metal clip on the back of the unit for attaching the device to your shirt, jacket, belt or anywhere you like really. It does the job but the clamping force is rather weak so it’s okay for walking about but not for strenuous physical activity. In those situations, I just keep it in a pocket instead.

HE100 Development Story

There have been huge changes in various industries including the audio field in an era of smartphones. These days, most people are listening to music by streaming on smartphones. Moreover, a smartphone performs as a very good source device supporting various external interfaces such as USB and Bluetooth. Radsone is a smartphone audio company established in 2011. With our vision to provide ‘High Quality Sound to Everyone’, we provide audio products for smartphones under our brand ‘EarStudio’. High-Resolution Bluetooth receiver ES100 is our flagship product which is consistently ranked in the top three of Amazon’s Headphone Amp section with an average of 4.4 star ratings and over 450 reviews. After testing more than 20 earphones under $200, we realized that…

Дизайн и удобство ношения

В целом дизайн наушников понятен по фотографиям. В компании не стали делать традиционную «ножку» в месте выхода провода, а ограничились коротким участком резины, защищающим кабель от переломов. Наушники сделаны преимущественно из пластика (кроме металлической защитной сетки на внутренней стороне), но благодаря удачному подбору цветов и формы выглядят весьма интересно. HiFiMan сумели сделать дизайн, одновременно самобытный и интересный, но при этом удобный и не вычурный. Качество сборки нормальное, есть небольшие проблемы с отливкой, но чтобы их увидеть, надо присматриваться.

Несмотря на достаточно крупные размеры, ES100 достаточно хорошо сели мне в уши, выступ на комплектной резиновой насадке способствует надёжной фиксации, носить их можно весьма долго без малейших признаков дискомфорта. Естественно, строение ушей у всех разное, поэтому ваши впечатления могут отличаться. Звукоизоляция у наушников ожидаемо низкая, чуть улучшить ситуацию могут поролоновые насадки, но все равно подобный форм-фактор не подходит для транспорта и шумного окружения.

How to Set LDAC as default Bluetooth codec on Android Phones for the Best Sound Quality of ES100

Today, we would like to share a tip on how to set LDAC on your smartphone to maximize your ES100’s sonic performance. If you are using an Android phone and the OS version of the phone is 8.0 (Oreo) or more, you can enjoy high-resolution LDAC of ES100, which is the best sound quality in Bluetooth audio. What is LDAC? LDAC is an audio coding technology developed by Sony, which allows streaming audio over Bluetooth connections up to 990 kbit/s at 24 bit/96 kHz. (Wikipedia) ES100 is the first Bluetooth receiver in the world to support LDAC. For the best listening experience, we highly recommend you to set LDAC as the default Bluetooth codec in your phone. Below is an…


The EarStudio ES100 comes with its own application that helps one use it. The app is available for iOS and Android, so pretty much everyone should be covered. The app allows one to access information on the device such as battery charge left, volume and so on, but most importantly it is useful in changing various settings. The Android version I tried is remarkably well-made, fast and easy to use.

The app allows one to set and monitor various things. Among them:

  • in the “analog volume” section one can set the volume and related things, such as per-channel volume reduction and max volume limit; there is also an estimation of the output level that requires one to input the impedance and sensitivity of the headphones in use (by the way, it confirms my previous estimates: I listen to music at a volume that’s between 65 dB and 70 dB, and anything louder than that becomes fatiguing to me);
  • the “Bluetooth pairing” section makes it possible to access various information about Bluetooth such as hardware addresses of connected devices and their active Bluetooth profile, plus one can set multi-point pairing which allows one to connect multiple devices (e.g. a DAP and a phone, or a phone and a tablet, etc);
  • the battery section makes it possible to enable “battery care mode” which only charges the battery to 80-90% and allows it to last longer. It is especially useful if one uses the ES100 mainly through USB. There is also a setting related to charging, which makes it possible to automatically power off the device when the charge stops (e.g. if you use the ES100 as a Bluetooth bridge on your car, so the ES100 automatically shuts down when you turn off the car and then wakes up when you turn the car on). One can also set whether to make the ES100 rely on external power or if it only has to draw power from the internal battery, so that it does not drain the battery of devices it is connected to using USB;
  • there is a slew of options in the “audio input” section: one can see what codec, bit resolution and sample rate are being used, plus set buffer length, set what codecs are available, select which USB DAC mode should be used and whether the jitter cleaner tech should be used or not in USB and Bluetooth connections. There’s also a ton of information on how the ES100 performs with related graphs;
  • under “audio output” one can find various settings; among them are the settings for power mode of both unbalanced and balanced outputs, with both having a “normal” mode and a “high power” mode, the latter of which provides more voltage.
  • in “misc control” there are settings related to mic volume, system tone volume, LED colour settings and Bluetooth hands-free profile;

The app also offers an equalizer with 10 bands, access to low-level controls (e.g. DAC filter, crossfeed, over-sample) and ambient sound, which uses the microphone to pick up sounds from outside and play them through the headphones so that one can stay aware of the surroundings even when listening to music.

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