United States

Nogales 78 North Terrace Avenue (161) *


Miami International Airport
Miami, FL
  • Concourse D Gate 15 (701) *
  • Concourse D Gate D14 MontBlanc (743) *
  • Concourse D Gate D16 Coach (742) *
  • Concourse D Gate D41 (703) *
  • Concourse E Checkpoint (712) *
  • Concourse E Lobby (717) *
  • Concourse F Gate F11 (715) *
  • Concourse F Lobby Central Terminal (719) *
  • Concourse H Gate H5 (727) *
  • House of Walker (702) *
  • Michael Kors (744) *
  • North Ralph Lauren (747) *
  • Victoria’s Secret (746) *
Opa Locka Executive Airport
Opa Locka, FL

Executive Airport (750) *


Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
Atlanta, GA
  • Coach (545) *
  • Concourse E Food Court (546) *
  • Michael Kors (549) *
  • MontBlanc (542) *
  • Calais Best Stop (264) *
  • Calais Ferry Point Crossing (261) *
  • Vanceboro (268) *
  • Baudette (242) *
  • Grand Portage (282) *
  • Lancaster (241) *
  • Niagara Falls Rainbow Bridge Plaza (285) *
  • Ogdensburg (290) *

Dunseith (240) *


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Dallas, TX
San Antonio International Airport
San Antonio, TX

Anzalduas Bridge (119) *

  • Derby Line (306) *
  • Highgate Springs (307) *


  • Chanel Dior (380) *
  • Coach (DFA) (371) *
  • Concourse A (379) *
  • Concourse C Gate C16 (369) *
  • Concourse D Gate 15 (364) *
  • Kiehl’s (DFA) (377) *
  • Kiosk Concourse D Gate D1 (368) *
  • Michael Kors (DFA) (373) *
  • MontBlanc (DFA) (374) *

Duty FreeFAQs

What does duty-free mean?

Duty-Free is a term used to describe purchasing products without the inclusion of fees such as duty and tax. These discount prices are only available to passengers travelling outside the European Union, and not within the EU. Duty-free items usually include items such as spirits, cigarettes, cigars and tobacco.

What are the duty free rules for connecting flights?

For flights connecting through the EU, if your duty-free items from the first leg of your journey has been packaged into a tamper evidence bag and you have proof of purchase, you can take it through the airport to your next flight.

For flights connecting within the United States or Canada, you will have to place it in your hold luggage, as the 100ml liquid restrictions will still apply.

What happens if I ignore Duty Free Rules?

If you ignore the rules of a country’s duty-free rules, it may result in you having to pay extra tax, or duty, to the country upon arrival. It could also mean that you spend unnecessary time in the screening area, while officers check your bags and purchases at duty-free. It may also mean that your purchases are confiscated all together, if you have purchased something that is prohibited by the country.

Why do the airport need to know where I am flying when purchasing goods?

When making duty free purchases at the airport, passengers will often be required to display a boarding pass. This is because, as the table above shows, your destination will determine how much and which items you are allowed to purchase.

Has duty free been abolished?

Not quite. For passengers flying outside of the European Union, they can still purchase duty free items as always. However, in 1999, duty free purchases was withdrawn within the EU. this means passengers travelling from one country in the EU to another country in the EU can no longer access duty free prices. However there are still many products available at great discount prices — makes sure you read our blog on the best airports for shopping.

What is Duty Free Shopping?

A duty-free shop is a shop which sells goods or products without the addition of duty, which is defined as taxes, fees or VAT. They are often found in international terminals of the airport, but also sometimes at border crossings or ship port terminals.

Prices at duty-free shops are typically lower than prices outside of the duty free area, but shoppers need to be savvy to ensure they are entitled to a reduction and get the best deal. As with any shop or mall, some airports have better duty-free shopping than others, so be sure to read our guide to the best airports for shopping to be able to plan your travels around the airport shops.

People often take advantage of cheaper duty-free goods to buy items such as cigarettes, wine, beer or liquor. Find out how to transport these items in our prohibited items blog, and also read about flying with wine here.

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